Compliance Officer – Head of Compliance (m/v)

    Mission and objectives of the function:

  • Guarantee the conformity of the company, its organizational bodies and its employees to the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to an insurance company in particular the principles established in the circular FSMA 2012/21, as well as the Solvency II regulation regarding the compliance function (article 46 of the Solvency II Directive).
  • Guarantee the conformity of the company, its organizational bodies and its employees to the internal requirements defined by the Board of Directors and the shareholder (ERGO Group & Munich RE Group).
  • The head of compliance reports directly to CRO, who is responsible for the coordination and set-up of the compliance function. The head of compliance can act independently in all his compliance tasks and has a direct reporting line to the Executive Committee, the Audit & Risk Committee of the company as well as a direct reporting line to Compliance department on Group level and the supervisory authorities.
  • The head of compliance is the only responsible for the approval of the reports and recommendations (“sign-off” power).


    Organization of the Compliance Function

  • Under the supervision of the CRO, elaboration and improvement of the governance structure regarding the compliance function in collaboration with other control functions.
  • Ensure the independence of the compliance function within the organization.
  • Ensure the compliance function has enough resources to perform its tasks adequately.
  • Organization of the Data Protection Officer role

  • Enable compliance with GDPR and foster a data protection culture within the organization.
  • Follow-up of essential elements of the GDPR, such as the principles of data processing, data subjects’ rights, data protection by design and by default, records of processing activities, security of processing, and notification and communication of data breaches.
  • Support the data incident response and data breach notification procedures.
  • Act as contact point and co-operate with the Data Protection Authorities and to data subjects when exercising their individual data rights.
  • Compliance & Reputational Risks

  • Identify, assess and steer the compliance and reputational risks of the company including the domain of GDPR.
  • Monitoring

  • Establish the necessary reporting required by the law towards the organizational bodies of the company (Audit & Risk Committee, Board of Directors…).
  • Follow-up of the incidents related to the compliance function (fraud…) and the data protection function.
  • Regular transmission of information regarding the compliance function and the data protection function to the Executive Committee.
  • Regular transmission of information regarding the compliance function and the data protection function to the Audit & Risk Committee, the Board of Directors and the regulatory authorities.
  • Establishment and follow-up of the recommendations of the compliance function and the data protection function within the company.
  • Training, Contact Point & Sensitivization

  • Establishment of the necessary training and adequate communication related to the compliance and data protection topics.
  • Contact point for the employees of the company regarding the treatment of compliance problematics, including the “whistle-blowing” process.
  • Contact point for the group and for regulatory authorities regarding compliance topics.
  • Technical Expertise

  • Technical support requiring a high level of expertise in the following areas:
    • a. Legislative/Regulatory changes;
    • b. Compliance Opinion within the company.

    Strategic Projects

  • On request of the Executive Committee or the Board of Directors, participate to strategic projects of the company (e.g. review of products, significant legislative change…).
  • People Management

  • Follow-up of the complaints officer (1/2 FTE).

Your profile

  • Master degree in Law or other university degree.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in a compliance-related function. The recognition as Compliance Officer by the FSMA is an important advantage (1).
  • You are compliant with the “Fit” requirements applicable to a holder of a key control function and have at least experience in the following key areas:
    • Laws & regulatory requirements only applicable to an insurance company (Insurance Supervision Law, MIFID);
    • General laws & regulatory requirements (Anti-trust, code de droit économique, GDPR …);
    • Management of Compliance & Reputational Risks.
  • You are compliant with the “Proper” requirements applicable to a holder of a key control function, for example (non-exhaustive list):
    • No criminal records;
    • No sanctions by the supervisory authorities;
    • No implications in an insurance company where the agreement was cancelled due to compliance issues.
  • You have excellent analytical skills and a high level of independence and critical spirit: you can maintain your position even under significant pressure.
  • You demonstrate a capacity to convince others of your opinion: you can rely both on quantitative and qualitative arguments to demonstrate your arguments, you can present easily your opinion both by writing and orally in front of different types of audience…
  • You are flexible in your personal organization and capable to change priorities quickly and identify the highest priorities.
  • Effective Multilingualism: nearly perfect Dutch and French. Good English.
  • Finally, you are proud and accountable for your acts and decisions and feel attracted by a strategical challenging environment!

    (1) If such recognition is not possessed, it must be obtained within one year of the engagement. For further information on compliance officer recognition, please consult:


Headquarter is based in Brussels but we are flexibel in regard of lacation (homework also possible).

Our offer

    D.A.S. is a company in full growth, where trust, team spirit and a good work-life balance are recognized. For this key position, we offer you a permanent contract, with a market conform salary, a bonus plan and many other extra-legal advantages (car, insurances, smartphone, laptop, etc…).We surely offer you the opportunity to support the company in its evolution within a challenging environment.

Interested ?

Please send your CV and motivation letter directly to Lexius Staffing, our recruitment partner for this function, mentioning the reference “Compliance Officer – Head of Compliance”: - +32 2 88 89 388 - Rue de Toulouse 30, 1040 Brussels.